Online Music Exams (OME) Policies


If a student is not happy with their grade result then they must contact online music exams no later than 7 days after receiving the results. The student will then be asked to pay for the exam to be remarked which will be the cost of taking the exam again. The student will receive their remark no later than 7 days after payment. If the result of the remark is that the student receives a higher grade then the fee paid for the remark will be refunded to the student. If the mark produces the same grade, regardless of a change in percentage, then the first marked grade will stay the same and the student will not be refunded their remark fee. If the student after remarking is found to achieve a lower grade then the lower grade will take precedence over the original grade and the original certificate will be made void and the new grade certificate will become the new result. The student will also not receive a refund. The student is not able to contest the result of the new mark.


Examination fees can not be refunded if the exam has been taken in way. This includes the student starting one part of the exam through accessing an examination page. This is because the information provided to the student upon accessing any page. Refunds will only be provided if proof is given that there has been an irretrievable technical fault, not the fault of the customer but of online music exams where online music exams have been unable to rectify the fault in a satisfactory way. If the customer experiences a technical fault then they are required to contact online music exams immediately and stating the problem. Online music exams will aim to respond within 5 working days.


Disputes must be made in writing to online music exams who aim to respond within 5 working days. OME will aim to reach a satisfactory conclusion to the dispute within 14 working days.

Security and 3rd Party Information

OME use all security measures necessary to protect users information. Online music exams will not knowingly provide customers information to any third party and will never sell users information. In the event of a breach of information online music exams will alert its customer base to the issue and how it expects to rectify the situation. All information is housed between online music exams and the government OFQUAL awarding body The Learning Machine. Please click here for their policies.

Online recording safety

OME take customer security extremely seriously and have employed a separate GDPR compliant service to look after the security of student recordings. Student recordings will only ever be seen by the examiner and a moderator. The independent moderator is an awarded body under the government body OFQUAL who are there to check security and quality of service are provided to the highest levels as set out by OFQUAL. All video recordings are kept on an internal server and will be deleted after 15 days. All OME examiners have received criminal checks such as DBS checks as have our independent moderators.

Syllabus Change

OME reserve the right to change the syllabus at any time. If a change is made, then a notification to the teacher who has signed up in order to receive the syllabus will be notified by email unless they have opted not to be notified by email. In which case it will be the customer’s responsibility to check the OME website for updates to the syllabus up to and including the day they wish to start their exam. On the day of a syllabus change online music exams will alter the online exam content accordingly. If a student has learnt the incorrect material which has resulted in them achieving a mark that has resulted from this then online music exams take no responsibility and are not able to refund.

Right to Refusal

OME reserve the right to refuse customers that have been found in our opinion to have cheated on any part of their exam. This is also the case if false identity has been found. This is also the case if mistreatment of the platform or online music exams products have been found in relation to the customer.

Termination of exams

If a student has purchased their exam but has not completed it, then on the 1 year anniversary of signing up for the exam their account will be closed with no refund.