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    Over 50 years of producing top quality products has given us a reputation for high standards: The Online exams have been approved and registered on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and  the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) with OFQUAL. This has been enabled through our partnership with Online Music Exams and The Learning Machine. The exam materials have been written by experienced, qualified guitar teachers and examiners. The exams have been rigorously critiqued by independent testers during the last two years. These valuable contributions continue and the materials are always improving. As a guitar teacher we know you will approve of the new attention to detail and appreciation of your craft.


    Why is this better?

    This is a fully accredited exam experience for students wanting to take a graded approach to the guitar. Orange have collaborated with Online Music Exams to create the first accredited guitar grade experience held completely online.

    • Free exam materials

      Download your exam materials and syllabus for free – includes free backing tracks, sight reading & aural tests

    • Anytime

      Take the Exam on any day of the year – no booking necessary – no pressure

    • Anywhere

      No travelling to an exam centre – you can take the exam in the comfort of your own home with access to internet

    • Fast results

      Receive your results and accredited certificate in days

    • Saves money

      Use our 3 tier system to benefit from lower grade costs

    • More choice

      Choose any pieces you like to play within grade parameters

    How much does it cost?

    Actually, it’s less than you think

    Through our partnership with Online Music Exams we are able to offer examinations online at a very competitive price. Instead of taking 9 exams and paying for them individually, students can now take advantage of paying via the new 3 tier system. The new system groups exam content together so there are less exams to take, giving you better value for money.

    OME Foundation vs Other Exam Boards
    Online Music Exams (Foundation)Other Exam Boards (Debut – Grade 2)
    Includes Debut – Grade 2Debut Grade: £38, Grade 1: £43, Grade 2: £48
    OME Intermediate vs Other Exam Boards
    Online Music Exams (Intermediate)OME vs Other Exam Boards (Grades 3 – 5)
    Includes Grade 3 – 5Grade 3: £53, Grade 4: £60, Grade 5: £68
    OME Advanced vs Other Exam Boards
    Online Music Exams (Advanced)Other Exam Boards (Grade 6 – 8)
    Includes Grade 6 – 8Grade 6: £75, Grade 7: £83, Grade 8: £95
    • Online Music Exams (all grades)
    • Includes Grade 6 – 8
    • £240
    • Other Exam Boards (all grades)
    • Grade 6: £75, Grade 7: £83, Grade 8: £95
    • £563

    Finally, a grade syllabus worth studying. Orange ticks all the boxes here and have created a methodical and practical approach that guitarists can use in the real world, no need for separate theory books as they have it covered, as a teacher this is awesome.

    Scott ReidGuitar teacher - Graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music - PTLLS & CTLLS

    How does it work?

    Once students have learnt the materials needed for the exam and they feel ready, they can take the exam.

    The exam is completely online and is captured via video recordings. Each part of the exam is separated into easier to prepare disciplines with a separate multiple choice theory exam. Upon recording the exam, students will hear an examiner who will set each task. Students will be asked to perform set pieces from the exam materials and set scales. Sight reading and aural questions will also be asked of the students with a timed multiple choice theory exam held at the end.

    Once completed these recordings are automatically uploaded to the examiner who will mark and grade your exam. An independent moderator will also mark the exam in some instances for quality assurance. When the exam is approved, the student will have their marks sent to their account and if they have passed they will receive their Orange digital certificate. Your marks will be uploaded to the government table for results and you can check your qualification with the number on your certificate.

    For more details on exam policies and rules go to

    As the exam process from start to finish is completely online you can receive your marks and certificate within days as opposed to the standard couple of weeks.


    We’d love to hear from you

    Our education program is designed to increase the accessibility to music education and to make it more affordable. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and we hope you find value in what we have created. We would love to hear your feedback!


    A note from our Exam supplier: We take your security seriously! As with all examiners of awarding bodies our examiners and moderators are DBS checked as standard. We fully comply to the rules of data protection and will NEVER EVER give your information to 3rd parties. The recording of your exam gets sent for moderation and is deleted after 30 days.

    Refund policy: Once purchased you have 30 days to receive your money back if you are not satisfied and the exam has not been taken. However, if any part of the exam has been taken, we are not able to refund your purchase.