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One of the reasons we are the first and only provider of government accredited, online music exams to grade 8, is our attention to detail and quality control. Our examiners can review exam material in the marking room with more accuracy through the replaying of the exam, cutting the need to look away to write while you play. Examiners can also see the student and their playing in more detail than current face to face exams as the recording is much closer. The only examiners marking your exam will be the ones who specialise in your instrument of choice, so no more piano examiners marking your drum exams. Our FPS (frames per second) checker helps to ensure a good quality of image and audio syncing. We have independent moderators who also mark your exam to make sure our examiners are always accurate. Under these recording conditions students can afford to relax and perform in familiar surroundings. Below are our regulatory and accrediting bodies.

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