1. FAQ’sWhat happens to my recordings?

    When you send your recordings to us they are stored on our secure drive system where our qualified and safety checked examiners will mark them. These recordings can not be downloaded anywhere else and after 30 days will be permanently wiped from our system. So if you want a remark, you have 29.9999999 days!

    What happens if I mess up a recording or my instrument breaks?

    Well, stop the recording and start again!

    What happens if my phone/computer shuts down?

    Your recording will be lost and you will have to start it again. Anything that you pressed submit for where you received a confirmation screen, will be safe!

    My connection started to get real bad halfway through my recording, and my recording was awesome!

    This is an unfortunate event and is why we recommend that you make sure you are well connected and if you are using a phone or tablet, that you stay in one place. No recording on the tour bus! If you do notice your quality deteriorating through a recording then just start again.

    I am not sure if my recording was good enough quality all the way through.

    Don’t worry. If you did the test video and this was good then any videos that were sent to us which were too bad to mark, we will send back to you. You will have 30 days to send them back to us but please remember this will delay your result.

    How can the monitoring and marking on an online recording be as good as an examiner in the same room as you?

    Well the online recording is so much better actually, we don’t know why it hasn’t been done before! Marking an online recording means that we are closer to the student than in an exam room. We can see more, we can stop the recording and playback any part we want to hear again. The problems an examiner has when marking in the same room as you is that they are under pressure to get their comments and marks write straight away. They  have to take their eyes off of you while writing. While writing their points they have to be listening out to everything new that you are playing and the examiners have to keep this in their head as they are writing. It is quite a juggle, and although these examiners are most likely excellent at their jobs, notes will be missed and mistakes made. If you have done music exams before, how many times have you read the comments only to completely disagree? Everyone makes mistakes. Online recordings reduce this risk and reduce the stress of the examiner.

    I have just finished submitting my last recording, it’s 4am on New years day…when am I going to get my results?

    Unlike other exam boards where students have to wait 3 months for their exam to take place and then up to a further 4 weeks to get their marks, we start marking the moment you submit a recording. We have examiners all over the world in different time zones ready to take up your recording. They get paid for it, so there is a race to get it done as quickly as possible for you! Our systems allow you to receive your marks and certificate via email as soon as 24 hours later. Obviously that might not happen all the time so please bear with us if it takes a few days more.

    I didn’t get the mark I wanted can I take it again?

    Yes. You can take it the second you get the mark you were not happy with.

    I didn’t agree with the mark you gave me, I am a rock god and you didn’t give me rock god status! I deserve a remark!

    We are very sorry if at any time you feel our markings are not right and that you wish to remark.

    Well, you are in luck! We are the only music examination board to date that allows this as no one else records their accredited exams. For a retake we will send the same recordings to an  external moderated examiner for the same fee. If you receive a mark that changes your certification level to a higher level then we will refund your re entry fee. If we give you the same certification level again, or even lower, then unfortunately that will be your mark and you will lose your fee. Your final mark will be your retake mark. So be absolutely sure that you know what you are doing!

    Who can be in the room with me and what can they and cant they do?

    Sometimes it is very helpful that you have someone you trust in the room with you to turn a page or help with technology, but only 1 person maximum other than yourself.  It is very important that the examiner does not feel that this person is influencing your performance in any way. Examples can be:

    A clap or a click during your playing.

    Nodding or moving unnecessarily.

    Someone pointing at the music or instrument during playing.

    Giving you verbal help in between recordings.

    Playing another instrument or device.

    You keep looking at this person through your playing or out of the corner of your eye.

    Anything obvious. Don’t give our examiners a reason to fail you because of someone else in the room. If you don’t need someone else in the room with you then don’t have one. You may feel that you perform better without someone in the room distracting your flow.