Frequently asked questions

Is my information safe with you?

Yes! As an educational establishment, your privacy and safety are our top priority. We have no interest in sending your information to anyone else. Anything you sign up for on our site or external partner exam sites will not be shared with any 3rd party.

Is my exam information safe with you?

We have put in the strictest measures to ensure your information is kept safe. Your recordings are kept on our servers and utilises software that only allows the examiners and moderators to view. Your recordings are then deleted off of the system after 15 days. Our examiners and moderators are all DBS checked as standard and come from school backgrounds in music teaching.

What if my exam account is hacked?

We ask for the minimum information necessary in order for you to take your exam. If your account were to be hacked the information available would be your certificate and marking sheet, if you have received one, your name and your email address. As in line with European law and the new GDPR rules we would alert you if this happened and let you know what we will do. All sites in the UK and Europe would do this as well as standard.

What about the sound and visual quality of the recordings?

Our platform makes sure that the user has standard quality before taking their exam. If for some reason you followed these steps and the quality was not good enough then a member of our team would email you to alert you to the issue. Otherwise the quality of sound and image on our examiners end is excellent. So much so that examiners are able to see your finger articulations much better than in a face to face exam.

How long does an exam take?

As you go through the grades there is more content to be performed. On average it would take 25 minutes to do the exam. However, you can take each part of the exam on different days with currently no time limit.