The PPC 412 HP8 4 X 12″ High-Powered, Closed Back Speaker Cabinet featuring (4) 100 Watt Celestion G12K100 Speakers. Originally built to accompany the Orange Thunderverb 200 guitar head (which can also be used as a bass head), the PPC412HP-8 is a STEREO cab that offers massive low-end response with an incredibly tight tone. Your drop-tunings will never have sounded better. For high gain, high wattage heads, you can’t beat the sound of this cab!

The PPC412HP8, like our amplifiers, is built to last using extremely rugged construction and manufacturing techniques. Every Power Projection Cabinet (PPC) is built using 13 ply high density 18mm Baltic Birch plywood. Our unique skid feet design helps to acoustically couple our cabinets to the stage, thus providing a tighter bass response and full range tone definition. The result is a laser-focused tone that’s full of warm midrange.

All Orange guitar cabinets are equipped with, comfortable flush handles, and our legendary basket-weave grill cloth.

High Power

The PPC412HP8 has a powerhandling capacity of 200 Watts stereo or a huge 400 Watts mono, making it more than capable of matching even the most powerful amp heads.

Celestion G12K100

High powered top end speakers that offer massive low-end response with an incredibly tight tone. Ideal for drop tunings

Classic Orange Styling

Finished in our legendary livery dating back to 1968, the PPC412HP8 features our basket weave vinyl, woven speaker grille cloth, signature ‘picture frame’ edging and 18mm Birch ply

“I have played everything from sludgy doom to boogie rock on my Orange amps and it sounds amazing for everything.”

Thomas JagerMonolordSee Monolord’s Profile
Features18mm high density birch ply, 2 x parallel ¼” input jacks, hard wearing woven paper grill cloth, skid design feet
Output Power (Heads and Combos)NA
Power Handling (Cabinets)200 Watts stereo or 400 Watts mono
Valves (Heads and Combos)NA
Speaker Output options(Heads)NA
Speakers (Combos and Cabinets)4 x G12K100
Impedance (Cabinets)2 x 16 ohm stereo or 1 x 8 ohm mono
Extension Cabinet Options(Combos)NA
Unboxed Dimensions (W x H X D)77 x 74 x 36.5 CM (30.31 x 29.13 x 14.37″)
Unboxed Weight46.5 KG (102.51 lb)