How It Works

Once you have learnt the materials needed for the exam and you feel ready, simply purchase your exam from your app, or on the Online Music Exams website and start.  (Please note that exams are currently only compatible with a PC or Apple Mac using chrome or safari).
All exams are completely online and are captured via visual and audio recordings. The exams are separated into easier to prepare disciplines with a separate multiple choice theory exam if needed. Upon recording the exam, students will hear an automated examiner (AIE) who will set each task. Students will be asked to play the exercises and performances that have been set by the exam board or company they have chosen. Students can choose to have their teacher or parent/guardian present in the exam to help with any page turning or simply as support. We supply a free mock exam for each page so students can practice using the exam portal first so they feel comfortable and can see their performance before doing the real thing.

Once completed these recordings are automatically uploaded to the examiner who will mark and grade the exam. When the exam is approved, the student will have their marks and certificate sent to their account. Student marks will be uploaded to the government table for results as with all accredited exams and you can check your qualification with the number on your certificate.

As the exam process from start to finish is completely online you can receive your marks and certificate within days as opposed to the standard couple of weeks.