We started as an educational non-profit organisation founded in 2010 with the aim of improving access to music education. The company started working with local school children, offering free music lessons with a small group of music teachers. Music tuition was aimed at children who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience learning a musical instrument. As these lessons grew in popularity, students started to reach grade level and the teachers would have to find the money to pay for the exams on behalf of the students. Eventually the organisation managed to team up with a local music school, Loughton Music Academy, whose owner funded these exams and future lessons.

The Community Music Initiative (CMI) was born and eventually CMI were able to draw down funding to start localised projects and open-mic nights. It wasn’t until 3 years later that a noticeable gap started to appear in music education. Students who showed so much talent, but could not afford lessons, could also not afford a qualification and both the music school and CMI struggled to meet the demand of costs. The upset of missed opportunities for talented students became the focal point and indeed the turning point for the CMI. Pulling together professional musicians and IT specialists, all with the same goal of improving opportunities for everyone, the CMI started with their online exams project.

Online Music Exams, since then, has been on a mission to provide the most convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly online platform for accredited music exams.  We wanted to create a platform that helps educational establishments quickly modernise and digitalise their music exams, enabling more people to achieve their musical potential, whilst being ecologically mindful.  

“…the most convenient, cost-effective and eco-friendly online platform for accredited music exams”

We started working closely with altruistic partners and awarding body, The Learning Machine and in 2016, partnered with legendary guitar Amplifier Company – Orange Amps, to provide their online Rock Guitar courses. We have become the Uk’s OFQUAL accredited home of online music exams, supported by a growing number of British educational and charitable organisations and all exams housed with us are registered on the RQF and EQF.  Students from across the globe can now have access to quality standardised music qualifications produced by the UK with all the benefits of being more accessible, more affordable and that feel good factor of being more eco-friendly. 

We hope all find value in what we have achieved and please let us know if you find a positive outcome from this project at: info@onlinemusicexams.org

“…enabling more people to achieve their musical potential, whilst being ecologically mindful”