Our Story

Back in 2010, our founder Cliffy Cooper started a grassroots outreach program to provide children with limited or no access to music education. Every week he would volunteer his time to teach hundreds of children in his local area.  Over the years as the positive impact became clear, he founded the not-for-profit company Community Music Initiative and began putting a small-dedicated team together to nurture and grow the projects work.

As a team, we applied for small funding grants and outreached further by rolling out music programs to more children delivered by a group of hand-picked specialist teachers. However, as rewarding as this work was, we became aware that after courses were delivered, there was a dramatic restriction on how progress could be measured as exams were costly and time consuming with a long process from start to finish.

We witnessed that so many enthusiastic and talented students with so much potential were missing out on the opportunity to gain qualifications and progress to the next stages of their learning and development due to financial and access restrictions.  Frustration at current systems was felt, not only by us, but also by a large number of teachers, students and schools that we engaged with.

Pulling together professional musicians and IT specialists, we spurred on the idea to radically change and improve what was currently in place and create online music exams and work in partnerships to help effectively implement associated course materials.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple.  We want to help present and future generations progress and achieve, one musical note at a time.

Creating the most accessible, high quality and affordable online platform for accredited music exams worldwide is our core mission.
As a company, we are endlessly researching and developing innovative, intuitive and sustainable ways to deliver and promote music education.
We want to break barriers.
We want to make positive change.
Most of all, we want to make it easy for people who want to learn and succeed, to do exactly that.
Those that choose to take our path as part of their journey will be given the tools to develop their talent and have their hard work and persistence supported every step of the way to achieve great musical things.
Bring on the creative movement!

“Bring on the creative movement!”

Our Partners

Big ideas often start in small places but to make big ideas stick, we needed some friends to help us grow and nurture them to reach as far as possible.

We wanted to create a platform that helps educational establishments quickly modernise and digitalise their music exams.  In 2016 we established strong partnerships with altruistic companies;

– The Learning Machine (TLM), a forward thinking, ethically driven awarding body who regulate/moderate our exams.
We also partnered with Orange Amps, the legendary Guitar Amplifier Company, whom we provide the platform for their online Rock Guitar courses.

Since then, we have been OFQUAL accredited and established as a pioneer of online music exams, supported by a growing number of British educational and charitable organisations.

“…a platform that helps educational establishments quickly modernise and digitalise their music exams.”

All of our exams are registered on the RQF and EQF, which simply means they officially give the students who take them points to progress through to higher levels of education.

Students from across the globe now have access to quality standardised music qualifications produced by the UK with all the benefits of being more accessible, more affordable and that feel good factor of being more eco-friendly.

We hope all find value in what we offer and have achieved. If you have any feedback you would like to share about your experiences with OME, please write to us at info@onlinemusicexams.org