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“Online Music Exams is a brilliant and long-overdue tech led solution that makes the process of preparing for and taking music exams more affordable for everyone. We love it!”
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“Takes the admin headache away from our school, parents, teachers and students. When given the option of doing their exam at a centre or from the comfort of their teaching room with their teacher, any day they want, students choose to do their exams with Online Music Exams every time.”
Susanna Fry, Head of Examinations for LMA music school

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  • Accredited Exams
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  • Eco-Friendly

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“It’s great to hear about the launch of Online Music Exams. Young people learn in a variety of ways, and it’s fantastic that Online Music Exams offers an accessible, flexible and stress-reducing option.”

Matt Griffiths, CEO of Youth Music

“We are really proud to be able to offer our
Exams with Online Music Exams, this is a huge development for the UK music education system!” Orange Amps

How It Works

  • As a student, once you have learnt your course material and feel
    prepared, you can take an exam at any time and on any date.
  • Seriously, it is up to you when you sit your exam, as long as you have good internet connection, you can take your exam anywhere. (In your house, on holiday, at school…)
  • Your exam performance is captured via video and audio recordings and then sent to our dedicated examiners to mark. (We have a guide to ensure that you are set up correctly before your exam is recorded).
  • Once the exam starts, an automated examiner (AIE) will set each task.
  • Students will be asked to play the exercises and performance pieces by their chosen course provider.
  • As the exam process is completely online (and therefore very efficient), we are able to mark and send certificates within days (rather than the standard timeline of 2-4 weeks with alternative boards).
  • Students will be sent their marks and digital certificate directly to their account.

Accreditation & Quality Assurance

We are the first online platform that can facilitate government accredited music exams to grade 8, completely online.

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Our examiners can review exam material in the marking room with more accuracy through the replaying of the exam, cutting the need to look away to write while you play. Examiners can also see the student and their playing in more detail than current face to face exams as the recording is much closer. The only examiners marking your exam will be the ones who specialise in your instrument of choice, so no more piano examiners marking your drum exams. Our FPS (frames per second) checker helps to ensure a good quality of image and audio syncing. Our independent and accredited moderators at TLM will moderate your exam as well to make sure our examiners are always accurate. Under these recording conditions students can afford to relax and perform in familiar surroundings. We only facilitate exams that have been accredited and regulated with the below bodies.


The European
Qualifications Framework

The Regulated
Qualifications Framework.

The Learning Machine

Our Partners

We value our partnerships and are able to provide educational establishments with individually tailored online exam platforms for their students.
We are also able to quickly modernise and digitalise current paper and analogue music exams (whilst being ecologically mindful).

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