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We are the dedicated and Accredited Online music exam organisation with a fully compliant online exam system from start to finish for students.


Valued partnerships

We partner with leading music industry companies to create online graded instrument courses on a range of instruments. Perfect for both teachers and students, we provide the world’s first accredited online music exams with an easy to use and safe portal.



The courses and their exams adhere to the strict guidelines set out by OFQUAL and are credited on the RQF and EQF. This means fully accredited and recognised graded certificates. We are also independently moderated for consistency and quality.


Safety first

Online music exams take security seriously. All exams are encrypted and we don’t share any data. Furthermore all our examiners are DBS and CRC checked.

Our Aim

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Purchase your exam from us and take it anytime

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Students have the option of downloading materials, backing tracks and aural tests for free & exam entry fees are less than attending a centre


No need to travel to an exam center anymore and no chance of being late!


There is the option of using our 3 Tier system to help reduce the number of exams needed to achieve the grades you want. The Foundation exam covers Debut to Grade 2, Intermediate covers Grade 3 to Grade 5 and Advanced covers Grade 6 to Grade 8


As our system is entirely online we can process your results quicker. This means you can get your marking sheet and certificate in days rather than weeks.


One of the reasons we are the first and only provider of government accredited, online music exams to grade 8, is our attention to detail and quality control. Our examiners can review exam material in the marking room with more accuracy through the replaying of the exam, cutting the need to look away to write while you play. Examiners can also see the student and their playing in more detail than current face to face exams as the recording is much closer. The only examiners marking your exam will be the ones who specialise in your instrument of choice, so no more piano examiners marking your drum exams. Our FPS (frames per second) checker helps to ensure a good quality of image and audio syncing. We have independent moderators who also mark your exam to make sure our examiners are always accurate. Under these recording conditions students can afford to relax and perform in familiar surroundings. Below are our regulatory and accrediting bodies.


The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

The European Qualifications Framework is a European-wide qualifications framework which joins the qualifications of different EU members together.

The Regulated Qualifications Network is the government register of officially recognised qualifications

The Learning Machine is an awarding body who independently moderate our qualifications.

How it works

Taking the exam

Once you have learnt the materials needed for the exam and you feel ready, you can take it.

All exams are completely online and are captured via visual and audio recordings. The exams are separated into easier to prepare disciplines with a separate multiple choice theory exam if needed. Upon recording the exam, students will hear an automated examiner (AIE) who will set each task. Students will be asked to play the exercises and performances that have been set by the exam board or company they have chosen. Students can choose to have their teacher or parent/guardian present in the exam to help with any page turning or simply as support. We supply a free mock exam for each page so students can practice using the exam portal first so they feel comfortable and can see their performance before doing the real thing.

Once completed these recordings are automatically uploaded to the examiner who will mark and grade the exam. When the exam is approved, the student will have their marks and certificate sent to their account. Student marks will be uploaded to the government table for results as with all accredited exams and you can check your qualification with the number on your certificate.

As the exam process from start to finish is completely online you can receive your marks and certificate within days as opposed to the standard couple of weeks.


We are proud to have developed a new guitar graded course with industry guitar amp legends, Orange Amps.

Orange will take you from a complete beginner to grade 8 in rock guitar through their in depth course materials. Students and teachers can download their course materials and take their Grades by clicking here

Added Benefits of the Orange course are that students and teachers can choose ANY published piece of music throughout the world as long as it is in line with the Orange rules and regulations. Orange have also chosen to take the student from beginner to grade 8 via a 3 tier system so there are 3 grades to take instead of 8 which also gives an added saving to the student.

I took the exam for myself before recommending it to my students. The whole exam process was intuitive and surprisingly fun to take!

Scott Reid
Scott ReidGuitar Tutor - Graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Arts - PTLLS, CTLLS

I took the exam for myself before recommending it to my students. The whole exam process was intuitive and surprisingly fun to take!

Scott Reid
Scott ReidGuitar Tutor - Graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Arts - PTLLS, CTLLS

Exam Prices

Exam prices are cheaper than centre prices and are set by each examination board or education company. Please click on the exams you are working on to find the price.

Grades & levelsTypical Exam Centre priceTypical exam online priceTypical exam online tiered price
Debut (Foundation)£37.50£30
Grade 1 (Foundation)£42.50£35
Grade 2 (Foundation)£47.50£35£80
Grade 3 (Intermediate)£52.50£45
Grade 4 (Intermediate)£60£45
Grade 5 (Intermediate)£67.50£45£80
Grade 6 (Advanced)£75£55
Grade 7 (Advanced)£82.50£55
Grade 8 (Advanced)£95£55£80

About Us

We started as an educational non profit organisation founded in 2010 with the aim of improving access to music education. The company started working with local school children, offering free music lessons with a small group of music teachers. Music tuition was aimed at children who would not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience learning a musical instrument. As these lessons grew in popularity, students started to reach grade level and the teachers would have to find the money to pay for the exams on behalf of the students. Eventually the organisation managed to team up with a local music school, Loughton Music Academy, who’s owner funded these exams and future lessons. The Community Music Initiative (CMI) was born. Eventually CMI were able to draw down funding to start localised projects and open mic nights.

It wasn’t until 3 years later that a noticeable gap started to appear in music education. Students who showed so much talent, but could not afford lessons, could also not afford a qualification and both the music school and CMI struggled to meet the demand of costs. The upset of missed opportunities for talented students became the focal point and indeed the turning point for the CMI. Pulling together teachers and I.T specialists, all with the same goal of improving opportunities to everyone, the CMI started with their online exams project.

CMI started trading as Online Music Exams working closely with altruistic partners and awarding body, The Learning Machine and in 2016, partnered with legendary guitar amplifier company Orange Amps as part of Orange’s education program. Orange too wanted to improve access to music education and working together Online music exams and Orange formed the Orange Rock Guitar course with 8 grades.

Online Music Exams were able to offer all the materials for free with just the exams to pay for which were at a better price point than current exam prices. As the project is all digital, Online Music Exams are able to offer the service worldwide and aim to reach remote areas of the world where students are not able to afford a qualification. It is there, in these communities that CMI and its partners will be able to offer the entire process, including the exams, for free.

We hope all find value in what we have achieved and please let us know if you find a positive outcome from this project at




Students don’t have to wait to take their exam, they can now take it any day and anywhere with internet.


Students can get their results much quicker than the traditional method with helpful documentation on how to improve from exam results.


Our qualification platform is recognised around the world and used for OFQUAL accredited music grades.


Examiners do not need to travel across the world and parents do not need to travel to the exam centre.


Course books and materials that are normally bought, can be provided at a reduced cost or even free. We provide them online to read, download and even print if necessary.


As content is digital, examination boards can upgrade songs and materials in line with current music tastes. This gives you a wider choice of performance pieces to choose from.


No more worries for students of not being able to attend an exam on the day and no more admin headaches for the exam board.


As the exams are recorded, students can re-sit their exam as early as the next day if they wish to improve their results.


No exam centre fees for exam boards. Improves exam quality control with everything in one place.


Examiners will only mark exams in instruments that they specialise in. Improve quality control with a greater choice of instrument dedicated examiners available around the world.